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Does your furnace need maintenance or repair?

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Does your furnace need maintenance or repair?

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Provide quality installation and service of HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical systems to both Residential and Commercial markets by ensuring that the customer, employee, and company all win.

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We treat each and every life we impact in a manner we would expect and desire to be treated.


Plumbing Installation in Champaign, IL 61820

“I am so grateful I now have a plumbing and electrical company I can call and know they are going to do a great job. Initially I called them for a sump pump repair and some electrical work – it was done correctly, they cleaned up after the job and it was affordable for me. I was impressed. Months later I flooded (again) and called them they were able to finally diagnose a long standing flooding issue working with the city. They completed a major project that took days and was very complicated. I know I can call and they will help. They respond to questions in a timely manner. I have never found service this good for both services and I know they have my back. Thank you Tyler and team.”

– Pauline L.

Plumbing Installation in Streator, IL 61364

“I notice my 20 year old ejector pit pump had stopped working early Monday morning. I called Edelman about 8:00 AM. They had the new pump and technician at my house 8:00 AM Tuesday and replaced old one quickly and effectively. Technician arrived on time. Pulled old ejector pit pump and installed new one in very short order. They were willing to come Monday afternoon but Tuesday was fine and it all worked out perfectly.”

– Thomas W.

Indoor Air Quality Maintenance in Fairbury, IL 61739

“After 18 years of struggling with local "service" providers for Electric, HVAC, and Plumbing contractors, Edelman is the only company that did a follow-up phone call to ask about our satisfaction for their service. We have a home built in 1974 and there's always updates needed to be done to stay up to code, to be more efficient, to be safer and to be up to date with all the newer and better ways to upgrade. As a DIYer, it's necessary to have somebody to trust who actually cares about customer needs and Joe from Edelman has really put our minds at ease. We got a free evaluation of our homes air quality. I use portable air filters all over the house, but Joe was able to point out that we are a bit high regarding safety of carbon dioxide and other chemicals. His test took 30 mins and provided a detailed printout revealing all the results. Joe took the time to explain each category and in the end he recommended a plasma air filter that will improve the quality throughout the home. No more portable filter replacements. The time Joe spent was probably the best hour of education and problem-solving (some quite revealing) experience we have had for so many important home solutions. We will be a customer for life, and we highly recommend Edelman to any homeowner (new construction or old) or commercial business. You won't be disappointed. Ask for Joe. He's nationally certified and has a contractor's licence to boot so if he doesn't have an answer for your issues, he will find it.”

– Kathy D.


Why Is My Thermostat Blank?

You approach your home’s thermostat and see its screen is blank. Is it serious? Does it mean your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioning is broken?

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