Providing you options to enhance the safety, health, comfort, and efficiency of your home!

COR Wi-Fi Thermostat.

COR Wi-Fi Thermostat

The innovative thermostat has been Energy Star certified and is designed to combine comfort with reduced energy use, homeowners saved an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs.

Sensi Wi-Fi Touch Thermostat.

Sensi Wi-Fi Touch Thermostat

85% of Sensi customers replaced a working thermostat. This thermostat will save you money without compromising your comfort. With Wi-Fi connectivity this thermostat will link to your device and give you remote control of your home!

COR 5C Wi-Fi Thermostat.

COR 5C Wi-Fi Thermostat

For the ultimate in control convenience, Wi-Fi gives you the option of remote access so you can adjust your settings from your couch or your favorite beach get-away.

Emerson EZ Read Thermostat.

Emerson EZ Read Thermostat

A simple option in thermostat choices today. This control provides all the necessities to keep your home comfortable without the bells and whistles that may seem intimidating or confusing.

CO/Smoke Package.

CO/Smoke Package

Alerts you to smoke and carbon monoxide which is an invisible, odorless, tasteless, nonirritating, poisonous gas that is completely undetectable to your senses. Completely wireless and linked throughout your home.

Surge Protector.

Surge Protector

Protects your entire home from voltage surges that could instantly destroy any appliances or electronics you may have plugged in. Never have to worry that your electronics could be damaged at any moment.

GFI Receptacle.

GFI Receptacle

For your family’s protection, every laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, garage, and basement must be GFI protected. A wet location without GFI protection is an accident waiting to happen.

Quiet Check Valve.

Quiet Check Valve

You always know your sump pump is running when you hear the clunk as the check valve slams shut. With this Quiet Check Valve your pump will start and stop without startling you each time.

Plasma Air Purifier.

Plasma Air Purifier

As air circulates through your furnace, this air purifier sends charged electrons into the airflow to take down the bacteria, viruses, mold, and other contaminants that affect human health.

USB Outlet.

USB Outlet

Smart chip-powered USB ports recognize the requirements of attached device and optimize charge accordingly. You’ll never lose the USB adapter again!

Lighting Dimmer.

Lighting Dimmer

Lower the brightness of a light by changing the voltage waveform applied to the lamp. You’ll have the right lighting for every occasion!

LED Can Trim.

LED Can Trim

LEDs do not produce the heat of incandescent lights, reducing the risk of combustion or burnt fingers. These trims can produce more light and use less than 1/8 of the power.

Night-Eye Alarm.

Night-Eye Alarm

The Night-Eye is a device that monitors your sump or ejector pit. When it senses a high water level it will flash bright red LEDs, sound an alarm, and send you a text or email notification.

RO Filtration System.

RO Filtration System

The RO Filtration System is the most advanced method of purifying your home’s water supply. This system fits neatly beneath a sink and filters out the contaminants that could be affecting your health.

Media Filter.

Media Filter

Creates a cleaner operating system for your home, which keeps your system operating more efficiently, saving you money. Pairs well with the Plasma Air purifier.

Back-Up Sump Pump.

Back-Up Sump Pump

This pump will protect your basement from flooding during a power outage, primary pump failure, and provide extra pumping capacity when needed. It uses city water pressure so no need to worry about a battery! Comes with alarm.

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