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Electrical needs are typically more comprehensive and complex in the commercial arena than the residential one. Here at Edelman Inc., we recognize this fact and are prepared to address any commercial needs you may have at your Champaign, IL and Fairbury, IL, business. Our master team of expert electricians also realizes that when an electrical system is down at your business, you’re losing money. Our team is always ready to service, repair, maintain, or install whatever your electrical needs may be, paying close attention to costs and communication. We have the years of experience and the knowledge necessary to help in any commercial situation, large or small.

What We Do

Whether you own a restaurant and are looking for a new installation of electrical lighting or own an IT business and have a blown electrical panel due to computer-system overload, we can handle it. We have handled it. Our professional electricians at Edelman Inc. have pretty much handled it all. Our customer base runs a full gamut of commercial fields. To actually list all the areas of our expertise wouldn’t make sense, as there just wouldn’t be enough space here.

Rest easy knowing that whatever your electrical needs are, you can call on us to help. Our strategy is to troubleshoot the issue, with your input, and remedy it as quickly as possible using the highest-quality materials available. We’re obviously in business ourselves and know that time is money. So we’re going to service, repair, maintain, or install whatever it is in a fast, effective, and professional manner to allow your business to continue running smoothly, with as little interruption as possible.

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Why Preventive Maintenance Is Cost Effective

Embracing that time is money is why we’re so determined about electrical preventive maintenance. We understand that taking time out of your business or stopping production costs you money. And that’s exactly what happens when something electrical breaks down or is unexpectedly in need of repair. If you schedule regular electrical maintenance appointments with us, our experts can operate proactively and detect anything amiss ahead of time and address it expediently. Catching an issue before it blows up into an emergency situation is always cost effective. You’re making a repair or replacement on your terms––both time wise and money wise. If you wait to be in a reactive situation, you’ve lost control––and this costs you more time and money overall.

So contact us to come out to your business and assemble a comprehensive electrical maintenance plan. You may need our expert electricians to only visit annually, or your business may require more visits. Either way, we’ll inspect your electrical systems and flag any impending issues or make some efficient and/or cost-effective recommendations to help your business succeed even more. Or if you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can trust us to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help. You can rely on Edelman Inc. to be there when you need us, so call us at 217-403-9663 today.

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Edelman Inc. provides air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electric services to Champaign, Fairbury, Urbana, Bloomington, Dwight, Gibson City, Gilman, Mahomet, Pontiac, Savoy, and the surrounding Illinois communities. Visit our service area page for more coverage details, call us at 217-403-9663, or request service online today.

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