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Laundry Rooms

Laundry Room

Your laundry room is one of those places where things can go wrong fast, at least as far as plumbing goes. It just takes one clump of lint to clog your washer line, and you’ll quickly have a small flood on your hands. At Edelman Inc., our plumbers can be there for any mishaps, and we can be there to install things correctly to avoid mishaps. With all the years we have behind us in plumbing, the people in Fairbury IL, and Champaign, IL, trust us with their plumbing. You should too.

Things to Think About

Typically in a laundry room, you’re more concerned with sorting laundry than the plumbing, as it should be. But take a minute to consider all the plumbing in your laundry room. There are the washing machine lines, the water-supply lines, the utility tub or sink, and the floor drain. It’s imperative that all these be installed and maintained correctly to avoid uncontrolled water everywhere.

Things We Can Do

When it comes to your washing machine, the lines leading both to and from your appliance need to be plumbed well and maintained. Those with rubber hoses still experience cracks and leaks after a few years, due to issues with the rubber. Worn gaskets and washers, loose nuts, or broken clamps on your water-supply lines can play a role in flooding your laundry room. Our plumbers are here to assist you in the event anything occurs, but we’re also here to be sure to use only the highest quality of materials when we install them for you, to reduce the chances of something happening.

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Many times, people forget their utility tub or sink is just a sink with normal plumbing. They allow heavier materials to be dumped down the sink, and this oftentimes leads to a clog. This clog oftentimes leads to water backing up and flooding the laundry room. In the event this happens, our professionals are ready to clear the clogged drain or pipe and to get your water flowing normally again in no time. Also, if you need a new utility tub or sink installed, or your current one moved, we’re available to help with that as well.

Most laundry rooms have floor drains to help with flooding calamities. However, there are times when the drains either emit a noxious smell or they back up themselves. In both cases, our plumbers know exactly how to rectify the situation and get your drain healthy again. If you do smell a strange odor coming from the drain, or if you have water coming up from the drain, call our experts immediately. Don’t wait and let the issue get worse. If could end up costing you more in the long run.

Our Edelman Inc. plumbers can help you with your plumbing needs in your laundry room. Whether it’s a floor-drain issue or a water-supply line problem, we’ve seen it before and know exactly what to do. Give us a call today at 217-403-9663 to help.

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