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Your Champaign and Fairbury, IL, home’s electrical panel handles all the electrical circuit breakers in your home. It ordinarily lasts a long time, typically 25 to 40 years, but it won’t last forever and will need to be replaced at some point. But how can you tell if the entire panel needs to be replaced or if it just needs upgrading? Keep reading for some signs that can help you decide. But you should also call one of our qualified and licensed Edelman Inc electricians for a personal home assessment.

What an Electrical Panel Does in Your Home

The electrical panel is the nerve center, so to speak, of your home’s electricity, taking incoming electricity from your electric utility company and redistributing the electric current throughout your home via circuits. The panel is also known as the main breaker box or fuse box. It’s a metal service box housing the circuit breakers that stop the power by tripping whenever there’s an overloading electrical current running through it, to keep you and your home safe.

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Why Would I Need to Change it Out Instead of Upgrading

Sometimes an electrical panel simply needs to be upgraded instead of entirely replaced. But how can you know which is needed? Some key signs that you should change out or replace your electrical panel instead of simply upgrading are:

  • Your lights flicker or dim on a regular basis, in particular when you’re using an appliance. This typically indicates your panel can’t supply the amount of electricity your home needs.
  • The electrical panel feels warm to the touch, or you smell a faint burning scent in the vicinity. This typically indicates the wiring behind the panel is exposed or damaged. If this is happening in your home, this is actually dangerous and can cause a fire.
  • Your circuit breakers trip on a regular basis. This typically indicates an overloaded circuit. While it’s not unsafe per se, it does mean your electrical system isn’t supporting your current need for electricity. With all the high-tech appliances and devices in homes nowadays, homes really need a 200-amp panel to accommodate current electrical needs, as well as future needs.
  • Your electrical panel is older and/or outdated. Electrical panels from over 40 years ago just can’t meet modern electrical demands. These outdated panels can be susceptible to overload and worse.

Can I Just Do This Myself?

Is changing out your home’s electrical panel something you can do yourself? Our Edelman Inc professional electricians definitely do not recommend it. We highly recommend having an experienced and licensed electrician, like ours at Edelman Inc, tackle this project for you. There are too many factors involved in electricity that are extremely dangerous and can result in electrocution or fire if you’re not a professional. It’s better to have peace of mind knowing the replacement’s been done correctly.

Call Edelman Inc at 217-403-9663 to schedule one of our professional electricians to come out to your home and evaluate your need for an electrical panel change out. We’re here to help.

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